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Engaging in Service

Being a Compelling Force for Good

We are the Body of Christ

The Church as a Reflection of Divine-Human Union

The members of the Church are the Body of Christ (1 Cor 12:27)!  Let those words really sink in.  We are the Body of Christ.  We say it at every worship service.

This is because as the Body of Christ, we embody the ongoing presence of God in the world, mirroring the union of the divine and human in Jesus Christ. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we are called to actively relieve suffering and combat injustice, living out the transformative message of Jesus. This mission is about more than words; it's about being a compelling force for good, serving and loving in a way that reflects God's deep concern for all of creation.

Following Jesus' Footsteps

Embracing the Call to Serve and Sacrifice

Central to our faith is the call to serve others with sacrifice and love, reaching out beyond our personal needs to support those who are marginalised or in need. Inspired by the ultimate example of service and sacrifice set by Jesus, we are called to make a significant impact by manifesting God's love in tangible, effective ways. Embracing this call means adopting an outward-looking perspective, mirroring Jesus' approach to the world. It involves a deep commitment to putting the needs of others first and actively displaying the depth and breadth of Christian love through our actions.

By doing so, we acknowledge that we are not only followers of Christ's teachings but also active partners with God in this work. This partnership is built on trust and a shared vision of bringing transformative love and hope to those in need.

Partnering with God for a Better Tomorrow

Celebrating the Sacred in Everyday Life

Our partnership with God is rooted in the belief that all of life is sacred and holds the potential for hope and a better tomorrow. Engaging with this truth, we live a life that celebrates the divine in every moment. This approach to faith is characterised by hope, gratitude, and daily acts of worship, finding joy in the pursuit of a world that reflects God's love and justice.

Invitation to a Life of Hope and Worship

Living a Life Aligned with God's Will

Our partnership with God is deeply rooted in the belief that all life is sacred, brimming with hope and the potential for a better tomorrow. By embracing this truth, we commit to a life that continuously celebrates the divine presence in every moment. This faith approach is marked by hope, gratitude, and daily acts of worship, as we joyfully strive towards creating a world that mirrors God's love and justice.

Justice, or in Hebrew, 'Mishpat', is about setting things right. It involves the active process of restoring balance and ensuring fairness. Peace, known as 'Shalom', is the harmonious state achieved when everything is in its rightful place. As partners with God, a compelling force for good, we are called to be acutely aware and responsive to situations where things are amiss. This means being open and perceptive enough, like having unveiled faces, to recognise when and where injustice occurs and taking proactive steps to address it.

As members of the Body of Christ, being passive in the face of injustice, or worse, participating in it, fundamentally contradicts what it means to be a member of the Body of Christ. We are meant to be enablers and facilitators of justice, actively engaged in the mission to create environments where true peace, as God envisions, can flourish for everyone. This commitment calls us to be at the forefront of action, aligning our efforts with God's vision of a just and peaceful world.

Discernment and Vocation:

Embracing Our Unique Ministries

In our journey of service, discernment and vocation play crucial roles. We acknowledge that while the call to serve is universal, the way we each respond to this call can be unique. Discernment is about seeking God's guidance to understand our personal vocation – the specific ministry or service to which we are called. It's a process of listening to the Holy Spirit and understanding our gifts, passions, and the needs we are uniquely positioned to meet.

This understanding brings clarity that we cannot do everything, nor are we called to. Each of us has a distinct role in the Body of Christ, contributing to the collective mission of the Church in diverse ways. Our individual vocations come together to form a tapestry of service, each thread essential yet different. By embracing our unique ministries, we not only serve more effectively but also support the wider community in fulfilling its collective calling.

Embracing our specific vocation requires humility and trust. It involves recognising our limitations and understanding that service is not about personal accomplishment but about participating in God's larger plan. In doing so, we find joy and fulfilment not in trying to do it all but in doing what we are called to do well, contributing our part to the mission of God's Kingdom, sometimes in uncomfortable places.

Questions for Reflection

Deepening you Spiritual Journey
  1. How do you personally interpret your role as a member of the Body of Christ in actively addressing injustice and facilitating peace in your community?

  2. Reflect on your gifts, talents and skills.  How to they serve the mission of the church?

  3. Considering the concept of unique ministries, how do you identify and embrace your personal vocation in serving others and contributing to the collective mission of the Church?

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