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What We Believe

Exploring Christianity at St Aidan's

Putting our beliefs into action is important at St Aidan's, but we have to start at the start.

What we believe shapes our perception of the world around us. 


This page will give you a taste of how we understand God, our life as Christians and the Bible as our guide.

Action Process

Let's Talk About God

God is Love

We believe that God loves everyone and everything unconditionally and without exception.  Our story starts and ends here.

God Invites

We hold that God is intimately involved in the world, and invites us to participate deeply in the mystery of divine life and the beauty of creation. 


Christ Connects Creation

We believe that the whole of creation is connected in Christ.  Every atom and particle of creation is made through and finds its being in Christ.  It is that eternal pattern that is made flesh in Jesus. 

Jesus is The Way

We believe that Jesus, who is both God and human, lived, died, and rose again to break down the barriers between God and all of creation. We see the cross as something that brings about profound change for both humanity and the world.


The Spirit Transforms

We hold that the Holy Spirit is the driver of change and sustainer of life, who carries the transformative power of the cross through all of creation. 

Everyone's Guide:  

We believe that the Holy Spirit is in everyone, even when do not know it. 

Christianity is a Journey
Faith as a Journey

We recognise our faith is a dynamic journey, not just a decision to believe. We hold church to be a place where we travel that journey in community.

Eternal Life is Now

Eternal life doesn't start when we die; it starts now.  Walking the journey of faith is learning how to live out that eternal connection to God in our daily lives.

God Changes Us

Learning to live day to day in connection to God changes us.  Paul says that as we journey, we are transformed into the image of God (2 Cor 3:18).  This is what God is doing in you.

Seeing as God sees

As we journey and embrace change, we begin to see as God sees, where everything, even the mundane and ordinary, is sacred.  Everything and everyone is loved.

Radical Inclusion

Salvation is God's work of bringing all of creation, including humanity, home.  As we begin to see as God sees, we participate in God's work, helping reconcile all into God.  This is Radical Inclusion.

Being Whole with God

The end of the Journey is to be fully embraced in God, to "see God clearly".  But it all begins with embracing the idea of journey.


The Bible


The Bible isn't an instruction manual.

It's a lively mix of different voices from the past, still speaking to us now. These voices - poets, historians, and more - were deeply connecting with God in their writing.

They offer us wisdom to think about and use in our lives today, making the Bible an active part of our faith journey.

As we change, both individually and corporately, our understanding of the Bible should too.

When we read the Bible, we're interpreting it, trying to understand these texts in our world. This isn't about finding one single message, but exploring the many layers of meaning these texts have for us now.

As we read, we bring our own experiences and views, letting these interact with the text. This way, we get to understand both the history and the lasting spiritual insights of the Bible.

Action Process

Next Step:
Faith Shapes Values

Faith then guides what we think is important.  What matters to God matters to us.


We call these Values.

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