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Saint Aidan 

Who was Saint Aidan?

Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne, born around 590 AD in Ireland, was a humble and compassionate monk known for spreading Christianity. Sent to Lindisfarne in 635 AD, he became its first bishop. Aidan, highly respected for his kindness, walked great distances to share Christian teachings and care for the poor. His influence went beyond spirituality, contributing to Lindisfarne's reputation as a learning centre. The Lindisfarne Gospels, an illuminated manuscript, honours his legacy, showcasing the transformative impact of his faith, humility, and compassion in spreading love and grace.

At St. Aidan's Strathmore, we strive to follow the example of our patron, St. Aidan, particularly in his approach to evangelism. He believed in reaching out to people exactly where they were, and we seek to embody that same inclusive and welcoming spirit.

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This is a picture of St Aidan...or at least what AI thinks he looked like.  We have no idea other than he probably had a beautiful beard.

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