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What We Value

Turning Our Beliefs into Actions

Before we put our beliefs into action, we need to work out what's important.  What, out our belief, so we put into action?

It's simple: What matters to God matters to us.


It all boils down to two simple but powerful values: Everyone is Welcome and We Journey Together.

Action Process

Everyone is Welcome

The radically inclusive love of God demonstrated by Jesus shows us that everyone matters.  There are no exceptions to this.

With that comes respect for everyone's uniqueness and path in life.  We respect our differences because God does.  

It also means that we must strive as individuals and as a faith community to break down barriers wherever we find them.

We Journey Together

Learning for All

In our journey of faith, learning is crucial. We approach teaching with depth, knowing everyone has the capacity to understand through the Holy Spirit

Empowering Growth

Transformation is central to our spiritual life. We trust in God's love to reshape us and the world. Our faith is dynamic, constantly evolving and inspiring us towards positive growth. 

Doing it Together

Our faith journey is a shared path. We walk together, supporting and learning from each other. It's not just where we're going, but how we travel – with kindness, respect, and open hearts. This journey brings us closer to each other and closer to God's love.

Not just for Individuals

All three of these values apply as much to the church as to individuals.  Christianity is not static, so as we change and grow, so must St Aidan's.

Action Process

Next Step:
Values Drive Actions

Finally, we don't just think about these values.  We act on them.


This is our mission and ministry. 

This is what we do.

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