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What We Do

How we express our faith through action

Finally, we take what we discover as important and execute them as ministries and missions.


Ministry: The things that we do at St Aidan's

Mission:  Our work beyond St Aidan's

This page will outline our mission and ministry activity at St Aidan's.  Discover what we do.

Action Process

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Worship Services

Our Worship Services are special. We are a liturgical church, but we're not stuck in old ways. Our services tell a story with modern, beautiful words. We pray, read, learn, and celebrate, focusing on our Christian journey and growth.

Everyone is welcome at our services. We break barriers to everyone can fully participate. 


Launching Q3 2024

NeuroChurch is a groundbreaking ministry that breaks down the barriers for neurodiverse people to participate fully in church. 

  • Purpose-designed worship services that respect the language processing, sensory needs and social challenges of neurodiverse people.

  • Specialised social events and pastoral care

  • A welcoming and understanding faith community that respects the challenges of being neurodiverse and encourages their unique insights, too.

  • Nerochurch is being designed by members of the neurodiverse community with help from ADHD and autism specialists.

Ministry of Games

MOG is community building through the joy of games.  Through 2024 we will be hosting:

  • Dungeons & Dragons campaigns and one-shots,

  • Board Game Saturdays

  • Social gaming nights.

  • Events for Kids and Teens

  • Events for Adults looking for a community 

The Path

The Holy Shift

Launching 2024


The Holy Shift is an online and in-person course on Christianity through the lens of our beliefs and values at St Aidan's.  It's written skill up as Christians to independently think deeply about who they are and how they relate to God. 

Modules include:
  • The Fundamentals of Belief

  • God, Creation and Mystery

  • Salvation and Journey

  • What is the Bible Anyway?

  • Death and Resurrection in Everyday Life

  • Sacred in the Ordinary

  • Discovering Connection

  • Contemplative Seeing and Practice

Pastoral & Spiritual Care

Rev Glen provides tailored pastoral care and spiritual guidance to everyone based on their needs and where they are on their journey.

Coffee Club

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday mornings at Revitalise Cafe for coffee, bacon, and conversation.  This is open to everyone in Strathmore.  

Supporting Others

We fundraise to support many different charities and organisations locally, nationally and overseas.  Last year, we supported the following:

  • Strathmore Secondary College Student Welfare

  • Second Strathmore Scout Group

  • Bush Church Aid Society

  • Cancer Council

  • Anglican Board of Missions (International projects)

  • Anglicare Victoria (Melbourne-based social justice programs)

  • Trinity College Foundation

Next Step:
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