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Becoming an Anglican

The Rite of Reception into the Anglican Church

As an act of welcome and inclusion, we offer a rite of Reception into the Anglican Church for those who come from other denominations or churches.

This rite, which is conducted by a bishop, is a gentle and thoughtful ceremony that unfolds with a spirit of openness and inclusivity. This ritual formally acknowledges an individual's baptism and their choice to integrate into the Anglican community.


It is a quiet yet profound moment, often accompanied by the laying on of hands, signifying a recognition of the individual's spiritual journey and their decision to align with the Anglican faith. The atmosphere is one of respect and understanding, emphasizing the diverse paths that bring individuals to this communal intersection.

Being Recieved into the Anglican Church is also a requirement for anyone baptised in another tradition to vote at the parish annual meeting or hold parish offices such as Parish Council.  

If you are a St Aidan's member and would like to explore being Recieved further, please talk to Rev Glen.

More Information

These pages may be of assistance to you if you are exploring Reception into the Anglican Church.

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