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Community Hub

At St Aidan's, community is more than a concept—it's the vibrant heart of our parish life. Here, we cherish connections, celebrate diversity, and strive to create an inclusive environment where every individual is valued and supported.


Whether you're exploring faith, seeking spiritual growth, or looking for a welcoming community, St Aidan's offers a sanctuary where all journeys are respected and embraced. Join us in building a community that reflects the rich tapestry of backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences, united by our shared commitment to faith, compassion, and fellowship.

Pastoral Membership

Find Your Spiritual Home

Become a part of our welcoming community at St Aidan's by enrolling as a new member. 

Learn more about membership, engagement opportunities, and how to get involved in our parish life. Discover various ways to participate in our vibrant community activities, from joining our ministries and groups to attending events that enrich your spiritual and social life. St Aidan's is not just a place to worship; it's a community to belong to and grow with.

Becoming Anglican

Join Our Anglican Family
For those transitioning from other Christian denominations, St Aidan's warmly welcomes you to be formally received into the Anglican Church. This page outlines the process and significance of this important step in your faith journey.


Embrace the Anglican tradition with us and become an integral part of our faith community, where your spiritual growth and participation are celebrated.

The Way of Inclusion

Understanding and Embracing Our Faith and Diversity

"The Way of Inclusion" at St Aidan's is a deep dive into the essence of our community's spirit. It's about understanding how our faith in Christ informs our commitment to welcoming everyone, celebrating diversity, and fostering a sense of belonging.


This exploration reaffirms our dedication to creating a supportive and accepting environment for all, reflecting the love and teachings of Christ in every aspect of our community life.

Baptism and Confirmation

Begin or Expand Your Faith Journey

Explore the significance of Baptism and Confirmation in the Anglican faith. These sacraments are milestones in your spiritual journey, whether you're starting anew or reaffirming your faith. Discover how St Aidan's supports you in these important steps.

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