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Church & Hall

St Aidan's Facilities and Spaces

St Aidan's Church Exterior

Credit: Illustration by Jock Work, Rebecca Jia Hui Toh, Tunli Pang and Wee Yan Qiu Rhoda (Melbourne University)

St. Aidan's Church, located in Strathmore, Victoria, is one of several churches built in the 1950s and 60s in and around Melbourne after World War II. These churches were designed to challenge traditional ideas of what a church should look like and were considered radical at the time.

The construction of St. Aidan's church building was started in 1958 and then officially consecrated in 1961. The architectural style from the 1960s, combined with modifications made over time, provides a spacious, well-lit and adaptable worship space that works well for our community.

And the pews are even comfortable.

St Aidans Illustration 400 high.jpg
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