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Faith is a Journey

Come and explore it with us

St Aidan's Strathmore is a church where faith is discovered as a journey, inviting everyone to find meaning, enjoy community, and grow spiritually. You are welcome to join us where your story is valued, questions are welcomed, and Jesus is made relevant for today. 

Sundays @ 9:30 am

St Aidan's Anglican Church


Jesus in a contemporary artistic interpretation, meant to resonate with the inclusive and explorative nature of St Aidan's Strathmore church community.
An illustration of St Aidan's Church

Hi.  Nice to meet you.

We are an Anglican Church in the heart of Strathmore in Melbourne. 

You are Included

We are breaking down every barrier to participating in church. 

Your Journey Matters

We are here to help everyone on their spiritual path - from beginning to end.

You are Awesome

We respect and love everyone's uniqueness and story holy.

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This background image is of a path through rolling hills in vivid colours

We are Growing 

Be a part of our Faith Community

We are excited about what God is doing in our community.  Be a part of the revolution as we continue to grow into the future.

A vividly coloured tree shaped like a bran to represent neurodiversity

Coming in 2024

Neuro Church is a new way of being a church that is built from the ground up to include people with autism, ADHD and other neuro sparkly stuff.  

We are also resources for other churches to improve the inclusion of people with neurodiversity.

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