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Building Community Through Gaming

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Misadventure Wednesday

Running a One-Shot adventure of a short-form story can be challenging, and a lot of fun.

Here you will find a guide on preparing and running a short-form TTRPG and a Submission form to book a Misadventure Wednesday table 

Upcoming Misadventures

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Short-Form RPG Guide

  1. Pre-Generated Characters:
    Use ready-made characters to jump straight into the action, ensuring immediate engagement without extensive character development.  Supply a couple more characters, ie. 8 chatcters for 6 players.

  2. Single Theme:
    Focus on one central theme or quest to keep the story cohesive and direct, avoiding complex subplots that can't be resolved quickly.

  3. Straightforward Plot:
    Design a simple, engaging plot with clear objectives for each session, leading to a satisfying conclusion within the limited timeframe.

  4. Action and Momentum:
    Keep the game moving with action-packed scenes and challenges, ensuring a fast pace to fit the short campaign structure.

  5. Constrained Setting:
    Set your adventure in a few well-defined locations to enhance depth without needing extensive world-building.

  6. Clear Conclusion:
    Plan a definitive ending that can be realistically achieved, providing a sense of closure and accomplishment for the players.

Misadventure Submission

When do you want to start?
Players Characters

Norther Crit Discord server: If you are a member, by supplying your name, you will be added to the @MOG Members group for announcements. Link to Server

Submitting will place you on the Ministry of Games and Misadventure Wednesday DM mailing list only.  You will not receive our church newsletter, and you will have the ability to unsubscribe with every email. Privacy Policy

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.
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